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Nick's first ever sojourn into the world of poetry was an entry into his school Eisteddfod with an effort entitled "The Marmalade Jar". It was about a marmalade jar, oddly enough, which he discovered whilst looking around some graves in a local churchyard. He liked the line about how it had once contained memories because this had similar syllables to marmalade. His teacher thought it was rubbish. He was probably right.

He next took up poetry in another period of "mental turmoil" after seeing the work of a slightly strange man called Jason. His style could be described as slightly futuristic with nods towards a sort of visionary spage age religion. Nick thought he would try to echo this style. Having heard of modern poetry, and post-modern poetry, he wondered what would be next. Casting aside the rather nonsensical "post-post-modernism", he came up with the idea it must be "futurism" (this was before finding out that there had already been a futurist art scene almost a hundred years earlier, and even more recently hearing that the correct term for the movement that follows post-modern is "present", apparently). Anyway, he eventually put together a strange book of bits and pieces, around about the year 2000 and entitled it "Futurist". Peter Finch was to say of this book "not really very futurist". It had some attempts at humour, was priced 5.01 and included a free pull-out poster of the Holy Ghost (a blank page - how amusing). The book was a very limited edition and is unofficially no longer available. See to the right if you really want to read a few sample poems from the book.

Nick had plans to get a "Second Collection" published by a proper publishers, but in spite of having amassed a fair quantity of poems, some half reasonable, perhaps due to laziness more than anything else (and this slightly bizarre idea of having a series of books with the word diamond in the title also getting in the way), this plan was put on hold. In fact, most of the best poems from this collection have now been published in the 3 "diamond" books. The very best of these, plus a few from "Futurist", and selected other new and old poems are contained in the final book in the diamonds series, entitled, "Daimunz R 4E4" which was released on December 4th, 2004 at Cafe Europa.

Finally, also to our right, you will find a series of poems entitled "Songs About Cazz". These were all written round about the end of 2004. I have also tagged on two old news stories from the now defunct "news" page.



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