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Welcome, welcome, and congratulations on discovering this "palace of poetry".

Might I first ask that you take off any footwear you might be wearing, put your feet up, make yourself at home, while we put the kettle on, and get you a nice hot cup of poetry.

And as I usually feel I have to point out, this site predominantly contains poetry by a certain Mr Nick Fisk, although numbers of other poets have been increased since the introduction of the Guest Poet of the Month section (see 'Other Poets').

Mr Nick Fisk has self-published 6 books under the banner of Pure Poetry, and one - "Departure Lounge 58" - under the banner of Square Books. More information about each of these Fiskian books can be obtained by, in a virtual sense, "taking down the book from the shelf" (see left). "Clicking" on each book will, in addition, grant you the opportunity to read selected poems from each.

Mr Nick Fisk is proud to have also published a book by someone else (also under the banner of  Square Books),  this being,  "The Dresden Cantata",  by the only and the one, Mr. Jonathan Brookes, one of Cardiff's most well known and well loved poets. It certainly is a fabulous book. The cover illustration is by the wonderful Liverpool-based artist, Naive John. You can read some of the poems from it (see guest poet section), read a review of it, and buy it on this very site.

Until 2011,  he was also the editor of a poetry/writers magazine called Square - more info on this from "sister site"  Also, as he writes, he has begun a blog by the name of

To your right (I feel like a tour guide here), you will find other options, including reviews  of The Dresden Cantata, "other poetry", a selection of poems by the notorious "other poets", including the Guest Poet feature, and a new-fangled "new media" section.

The "internet savvy" amongst you are no doubt aware of a popular site known as YouTube. Here, you can watch people being slapped by people with mobile telephones, you can watch people with mobile telephones drive around housing estates at 100mph, and now, you can watch poets read poetry! See the "Video/Audio" section for more details about this exciting proposition.

Also new to this site is the opportunity to sign the guestbook.

As always, you also have the option to buy things, you could book a poet to read if this sort of thing is your sort of thing, or you could go away somewhere else.

Until now, I have always encouraged other poets to get in touch to share their work with the possibility of it being placed on the site. However, this site will now effectively be a "view only" site. Bork orders will still be dealt with, and people are still welcome to contact me or sign the guestbook, but I will no longer be adding anything more to the site.

The site predates facebook, and was in fact first registered on 02/02/01. It has been modified many times since then, but does not quite have the flash feel of modern sites (2012 as I write), and does not have the interactive nature of most sites. However, I feel it is now complete in a sense. Hope you enjoy/have enjoyed it.


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