Guest Poets

In an attempt to redress the balance on this site between poems by myself and poems by so called "other poets", I have introduced a Guest Poet feature. It was originally intended that this would be updated monthly, but you know how these things go, sometimes it's a bit more than a month, for one reason or another.

 As with the rest of the site, I will no longer be adding to this section, and I'm quite happy that I've managed to reach the round figure of 10 guest poets, with the final poet to feature being Mr Real Cardiff himself, the formidable, Peter Finch. 

We must be getting fairly close to the stage where the number of poems by guest poets is nearly matching the number of poems by me, although I haven't counted. In a way, that's not a bad thing.  If the number of poems by other poets overtakes the number by me, this will spur me on to write more myself and put up more on here for your reading pleasure.

Let me know what you think of each featured guest poet, by writing to mail (at), or you might also like to contact each of the poets themselves.





1. David
Foster Morgan
2. J. Brookes
3. Mike Jenkins 4. Gary Allen
5. Dave Lewis 6. Kate Noakes
7. Clare Saponia 8. Emily Hinshelwood
9. Topher Mills 10. Peter Finch

Poets From 4/12/4 Event