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Audio from an evening of contemporary comedic poetry 4/12/4 (below)

Evening of Contemporary Comedic Poetry Part 1

Evening of Contemporary Comedic Poetry Part 2

Lloyd's Poetic Farewell


Video and Audio

Here it is folks, my exciting new video and audio page. Seeing as video seems to be king on the internet at the moment, with YouTube now watched probably almost as much as the regular "tube", I thought I'd get in on the act. To your left, you will find all the videos that I've posted onto YouTube. Had planned to put several more up, but never quite happened in the end. The bottom two are videos from a live performance in Cardigan, where I launched Departure Lounge 58 on 5/8/2010.

Below the videos, you'll also see links to 2 audio files of the "evening of contemporary comedic poetry" which I hosted on 4th December, 2004 (see flyer for this event, left - note, it features a smashing picture of Anne Diamond, a black and white version of which I used as the "free pull-out poster" in the first 50 issues of Daimunz R 4E4)

Once you've clicked on the file, these may take a minute or two before starting, as they're quite long.

The first half features Adam, Phil Knight and Scott Fitzgerald, the second features Nick Fisk, the wonderful Jonathan Brookes, and the wonderfuler Tracy Davies. Please excuse all my ums and ers in both sections, and also, apologies that the tape ran out towards the end of Tracy's piece!

I'm also featured on an audio for "Lloyd's poetic farewell" which took place on 29/03/2012. Some good stuff on there, with me from about 42 minutes in, including a brand new poem.