When you think about it, the concept of links is quite a strange phenomenon, unique to the internet. Where else in business do you find companies actively encouraging people to look around at similar sites, or directing them to companies which they like? Having said that, links pages are usually only found on personal sites, rather than corporate sites, but there we go.

Other funny things about the internet - how words like "favourite" , "favorite" and "history" have taken on new and different meanings, how the "W" key on keyboards, previously a fairly obscure letter, is now one of the most often-pressed keys, and similarly, the word "dot" has not had such an impact and enjoyed such prosperity since the morse code was popular in World War one (or was that World War 2?).

These links to your right probably wonít help you too much in terms of getting educated about poetry Ė there must be enough sites that can do that, but, as with most of the rest of the site, are more likely to give you some kind of incite into the mind of the author, in case you werenít sick of being given such an incite already.



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