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Pure Diamonds

This book was mostly written and compiled during one of the author's slightly-longer-than-momentarily lapses of reason.

That is to say, he went a bit AWOL for a bit, during which time one theory he found favour with, invented entirely by himself, was an attempt (perhaps echoing certain monks of our time, but using Garage FM rather than Christ as a source of wisdom) to reach a form of purity. Healthy mind, healthy body, that sort of thing. The religion, were it ever to be formed would be called Jonglist Catholicism.

Anyway, he later realised it was bollocks of course. The book he wrote was mostly bollocks too, but contained within are at least one or two poems, or perhaps one or two lines, no make that, one or two words, that could in certain circles be classed as "interesting".

If for some bizarre and twisted reason, perhaps a reason you and I shall never know that has been decided, for example, via a process of event-synchronicity, whereby the toss of a coin by two alien life forms far far away about to engage in a game of "sex tennis" has meant that your mind has come round to believing that you might in fact like to "buy" a copy of this book, preposterous as this reality may seem, this very opportunity is in fact available to you. Yes, really - rub those eyes first so as to discard the idea that this is in fact nothing more than a dreamlike fantasy, then all you shall need to do is go and find your cheque book. Write on one of these cheques that you should like to distribute one of your pounds to Mr Nick Fisk and send this, along with a stamped A5 envelope to 2 Richmond House, Richmond Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AR. There, that wasn't so difficult after all, was it? (Further details also at the Store)








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