Songs About Cazz (a series of 15 poems typed out in about 10 minutes while drunk, late on Boxing Day 2004)

Motion (Part 2)

Contact starts

With the first contact

A touching, a feeling, a look.

Starts slooooooow,

Check this out

A look,

Check it a car

Look to your left or your right

Check out at the check out

Passing your change.

I said - Iím losing my religion

Play me some REM.



This is Federal Law.

The difference is thus -

Zero. We government law,

We design, we bleed,

We fear the most,

We government

We fear the most.


Tolerance (or RESPECT)

I am a servant,

I serve

In a service world

I give

I take

I have never disrepected

Unlike some people I serve.

I am a customer

I demand.

I am a customer

After I have served

I take

I give

My people

I give



Third World Feelings in A Modern World

Third World feelings in a modern world,

Everyone knows

I can hurt

In a modern world

Talk talk talk

Take take

Tic tac



Then She Said

And then she said

Shut up with your mock turtles

Your three degrees

Your bee gees

Hee bee gee bees


Business rules

Rules rule,


Treble 20

Why did I throw a treble 20 Cazz?

Why did I learn to play pool

Was it the force

Your force.

Youíre making me better.

I bet you know

Of course you know

Cos youíre cool

Cooler than Yazz.


Songs about love and hate

Love is you and you are chocolate.


The day I told Cazz about Amy

I told Cazz about my new girlfriend

She closed her ears.

She looked to the sky and saw the moon.

Amy told Cazz, itís your call.

The only was is up.



Next nicked the knock on effect.

I found the acid theory.


I give up

I packed up my bags.

I didnít pick up my redundancy package.

It was it,

Threw me over the edge.

The totalness, the package,

Whatever it started with,

It took the words "sunshine suspect gorgonzola"

It could have been "liquid satellite sea"

Or "compact bourgeouis twat"

Or "little gorgeous mushroom"

Or "chimpanzee spectrum globe"

Or "Oracle Orange Auditorium"

Iíd cope

But it could have been "Smell Source Sauce"

Or "Summit Starlight zen"

Or "Real Capacity Doormouse"

Or "Inhibition trumpet stupid"

Or "Anything goes goes"

Or "Cream pupil Pulpit"

Or "this one tipped me over"

But this one tipped me over.

The internet, collapsed

Random words in a random search engine at a random time

By someone knowing I had to die

Short lived

I had to go

They believed I had so much more to give

All I was was a puppet.


A few things I remember seeing on waking from a slightly disturbing dream

The new video from Kylieís "I believe in You"

The beginning of Vís video for "You Stood Up";

A song on South Park;

A programme comparing a neo-classsical poem with a romantic painting;

News that the dollar was at an all time low.


"The Power Of Love" in the Claude

A powerful song

A few people

A bloke in a trench coat

A few good shots



Cazz Singing Round The House

Cazzís recipe for fried bread (student version) -

Toast the bread first.


Amyís recipe for tea

Sex first and after (and forget the tea).


A recipe for disaster




Under the sea

(Actually, this is a recipe for fun).

Glass palaces

(under the sea)


Stupid plans.







Fun and games


More defences