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I found Katrina
In my late night insomnia.
Something in her beautiful voice
Kept me away from my usual station of choice.
It stopped me in my tuning tracks
And, at least at night, I never went back to Radio 1.
Here, on Radio 2, home of Alan Freeman,
Ballads, 80s pop and other tack
For boring middle aged men,
Possibly even worse than Classic FM,
Was something new.
Katrina, with a special sense of humour.
Katrina - called everyone "hon",
Whose every link was funny,
Though strangely, I never liked
Her slightly manly laugh.
Something comic about the way
She didn't seem able to read emails
She made a mess of my request for the cool Mazzy Star,
Then followed, ironically or not, with Gary Barlow.
I discovered, through her replies to my messages, her alter ego.
First, the cryptic, "I'm a singer by trade, hon",
Then a flippant mention that she was THE Katrina
Of "And the Waves" fame.
Now every time I went for my mailbox,
I had to hold myself down
In anticipation of a brief missive
From a genuine star.
Her last show -
She'd run for 18 months,
But I'd only discovered her in her final month -
Was a beautifully professional goodbye.
No long, Zoe Ball build up,
No theatrics, a simple, subtle affair,
Ending with Bonnie Tyler.