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Daimunz R 4E4

Daimunz R 4E4 Mark II - now available! (details below)

Whoever would have thought things would get to this stage - where I am releasing a "greatest hits" of my own work?

On the one hand, I probably have just about enough poetry to justify such a release. On the other hand, the hand I use to throw a frisbee, Iím still virtually even a virtual unknown!

The original plan for this book was that thereíd be an outer sleeve of a sort of diamond wrapping paper. This proved a bit fiddly, especially as eventually when the book was made, the pages were too thin, including the cover. So itís just this fairly plain black and white thing, although the first 50 copies also had a sticker on telling you of the free pull-out poster, and the free bonus poem.

Officially, Iím losing money on the sale of each of these books, even without the fancy outer sleeve. This is because, along with the cost of the production of the book "proper", I also had to pay twenty whole quid to EMI records for permission to print some lyrics by the band The Music. Anyway, plus, Iíve sent out quite a few free copies, so really, unless I start selling tons more, Iím hardly even breaking even with this book.

Much as Iíd like everyone to have a free copy, Iím afraid capitalism dictates that everybody canít have one, so if you would like a copy, please go to the "store", or send cheques to the usual address.

UPDATE - The original version of the book is now SOLD OUT. A new version, featuring a SPINE and a GLOSSY NEW COVER (and a, ahem, slightly higher cover price - £4.34), is now available. AND I've finally gotten around to producing some copies of the book with a spangly shiny cover (as mentioned above)! There are a limited number of just FORTY FOUR  in fact! You know what to do if you'd like to get your mitts on one of these.









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