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Crisp Flavour Crisps   

And thus the marketing manís challenge was set Ė
To turn a nation into crisp eaters,
Rendering all other food types obsolete.
If he could just get them to start their day
With Cornflake flavour crisps,
He knew he could win them all over.
After that - achieving his goal would be easy.
Fag flavour crisps in multipacks of 10 or 20.
Potato flavour crisps, mixed vef flavour,
And either Chicken, Lamb, Beef, or the less popular, Salmon,
In an assorted multipack.
Lager flavoured crisps to save you buying
The two at the same time.
Peanut flavour crisps in pubs -
Another marketing dream turned reality.
He'd sell Prawn crisps to kids by calling them
"Minging" flavour or something -
Kids love that kind of thing.

And of course, veggies love crisps -
Chuck as much beef extract into yer crisps as you can,
And as long as you call it beef flavouring,
They can't get enough.
Mother's Milk and Big Mac flavours
To get them started at a really early age.
Crisp flavour crisps -
He knew he could get away with it somehow.
But he still came back to his
Cornflake flavour crisps -
Would they have to be served with milk -
Or could he get them to just eat
Cornflake with Milk flavour?