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Departure Lounge 58 - Nick Fisk

Containing several favourites from the last few years, and split into 3 sections, a general section, a section on sports-based poems and a (short) section with poems about some of the women that have featured in his life, the book was finally launched in Cardigan on 5/8/10, with a subsequent launch in Cardiff on 11/08/10. Also includes four full colour illustrations.

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Departure Lounge 25 - Nick Fisk
 This mini-book is the "single before the album", Departure Lounge 58 (above),
featuring 12 poems which will not appear in the main book.
The book was launched on 25/02/10 at The Poet's Corner, Cardiff.
Copies of the book were given out to those in attendance at 9.35pm.
There are only 55 copies of this book for sale. Remaining copies are now available to buy here.
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The Dresden Cantata - J. Brookes
First book of poetry published under the Square Publishing banner.
Praise for the book -
"It's a skilful writer indeed who can combine elements both heartbreaking and hilarious -
Brookes is that writer" - Robert Minhinnick
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Departure Lounge 58 + The Dresden Cantata + (while stocks last) Departure Lounge 25

Buy all 3 of the above books at the special offer price of 10.00
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Daimunz R 4E4 - Nick Fisk
New edition of the book originally released at the end of 2004, now with gloss cover and spine.
 Compiles 44 of the author's favourite poems from the Diamonds series,
 along with some from the earlier book, Futurist, and some new poems.
First 44 copies of this new edition come with a silver cover, and are postage free (UK)!
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Pure Diamonds - Nick Fisk
The first in the series of Diamond books, written by Nick Fisk in 2001. It includes, amongst other poems, John Squire & Ian Brown, My Paradisiac, and Hospital Drive-In Motel.  
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Rushin' On Diamonds - Nick Fisk & Jack Diamond
Second in the series, this one also has poems by Manos, aka Jack Diamond, /i>
and an introduction by King Kong! Poems featured include Trap For The Nasty Kids, The Pub Owner's Son, Still For You and Nameless Horses.   SOLD OUT!
Diamonds & Dragons - Nick Fisk
This book, released in May 2004, has poems predominantly with a Welsh theme. It was released to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Terry Griffiths' win of the World Snooker Championship! It includes the poem "On How Terry Griffiths Formed My Youth (and maybe yours too)", and other delights.   
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5x4x5x4+1 - Nick Fisk
Released in May 2007, this book sets new standards for Pure Poetry, with a full colour cover, and even, a spine (gasp!). It is Nick's concept book (although they all are, to some extent), as each poem contains 5 verses of 4 lines, um, except the last one, which has an extra line!
Includes "Horse Play" and  "Kiss My Eighties Revivalism"
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All books, and also Square magazine, can also be bought at the prices listed above, by sending a cheque, made out to Pure Poetry,
to 2 Richmond House, Richmond Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AR
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