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Nick Fisk
Departure Lounge 58

Contains poems such as:

Chart Toppers
Ode to a Double Cornetto
Piece of Cake
Sad Part V
She Was Like Jim Bowen

58 poems, 58 pages, £5.80


Of Departure Lounge 58:


“curiously bizarre, relaxed yet obsessive, reading this book is like tuning into a mutant ivor cutler/philip larkin crossbreed deciding what underwear to put on his head, and that entertains me. it’s like being exposed to a brain rather than just what it knows, and that interests me. fisk is bound to annoy those who need poetry to do set things in set ways. fuck ’em. fisk should keep doing what he’s doing. long live the fisk.” lloyd robson


“Surprising honesty from one of Cardiff’s most ubiquitous platform performers.  Departure Lounge 58 is a slice of live pop culture and shows here that the page is just as important as the stage.” Peter Finch


Enjopyable, engaging, entertaining poems from this off-the-wall,out-of-the-box, outside-the-lines poet.” Mab Jones
Departure Lounge 58 is a quiet, unassuming joy.” Chris Brooke
Available once again, priced £5.80, incl p&p
J. Brookes
The Dresden Cantata
"No shortage of deft touches...accomplished...
- Poetry Wales
"The best book of poetry I've read for some considerable time"
- Idris Caffrey
  "An engaging and delightful
collection of poems"
- Rob Middlehurst

Review by Steve Dubé printed in The Western Mail, 27 December 2008  
 £6.99  Now £5.00, incl p&p

Or buy both books for just £10, PLUS order NOW and receive a free additional copy of Departure Lounge 25 (rrp. £2.50)

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