With puddings, they say the proof is in the eating. Poetry is similar, but not quite the same, in the sense that the proof, it could be said, is in the reading.

At the moment, the only person you could book to read via this site is the author who you should know by now as being Nick Fisk. Nick likes to read/perform poetry, as he has done at many events, and has also been known to read and discuss poetry with school kids.

His CV includes representing Wales at a tri-nations poetry slam, in which Wales came second behind Scotland, beating England into third. He was the highest scoring of the Welsh team. In 2009, he reached the final of the John Tripp Award for Spoken Poetry. As the editor of Square, he has hosted many launch events, and so also has a good deal of compering experience.

If you’d like him to read for you, to you, at you, in any way whatsoever really, please email, or call him on 0791 365 0179. Nick does know several other poets who may be able to assemble for a reading, and is contact with most of the poets who contributed to Square magazine, for example. But certainly, the deal is, if you book him, he will appear, and you can also get assistance from Literature Wales.







0791 365 0179